Beijing Antai Hospital introduces top OBGYN standard services to the world and is the best choice of women and children care in Beijing, China.
OBGYN Diagnosis With Precise
Advanced OBGYN diagnosis and treatment equipment
Include electronic hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, digital B-ultrasound with high precision, electrochemistry luminescence immunity analyzer, and digital X-ray machine with high precision.
Innovative Patents Technology
World Known OBGYN Doctors Team
Advanced Gene Technology, Multi-national Patents . Dr.Fenglin Chen revealed the secret of antibody against embryo which could cause many women to lost pregnancy.

Research Technologies

Dr. Fenglin Chen- Miscarriage Expert
The internationally famous expert of Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion, holds the international patents of invention about the diagnosis and treatment of recurrent miscarriage.

There are more than 150 causes of infertility, Fenglin Chen indicates that etiological treatment is more effective to cure infertility. Medical ethics and technology affect the results, etiological treatment is more effective!

Water Birth
Fenglin Chen combined water-birth and hypnotic birth together, it can reduce labor pain, shorten labor process, reduce labor injury and without episiotomy, it achieves natural birth without pain!

Dr. Fenglin Chen indicates that hyperemesis are caused by hypersensitivity to chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in pregnant women, immune desensitization therapy has special effects, contract treatment is available.

I had a terrible recurrent miscarriage record of eight times and other doctors let me give up. Antai Beijing OBGYN hospital gave me new hope and health baby. Antai, Beijing OBGYN Hospital gave me a new life. ” -Patient Ms. Chen

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