Cervical Embedding Surgery of Beijing Antai Hospital

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Cervical embedding surgery was invented to stop late miscarriages by Beijing Antai Hospital, it is the latest surgery for cervical relaxation. It’s to place a biological hoop (Antai Hoop) in the cervix under 3D laparoscope. It can 100% stop the cervical relaxation and miscarriage. Beijing Antai Hospital promotes contract treatment, and full refund if the patient has another miscarriage after the surgery.


The mother can either have natural birth without the hoop or c-section with the hoop after full-term (The hoop is the safety of imported material without tissue reaction). The mother doesn’t need to stay in bed to prevent miscarriage after cervical embedding surgery, she can work and live normally. There are three types of cervical embedding surgery:

1. The indications of preventive embedding are someone with previous history of late miscarriages and currently in the state of no pregnancy.

2. The indications of rescuing embedding are someone with previous history of late miscarriages and currently in the state of pregnancy, the cervix hasn’t open or partially open, and the fetus doesn’t protrude into the vagina.

3. The indications of saving embedding are that the fetus has protruded into the vagina or water has broken, but there is no sign of infection.

About traditional cervical ligation: cervical ligation is a kind of cervical repair surgery for those who have miscarriage and premature birth in the middle and late stage of pregnancy or who have cervical shortening. The operation carries out in 14 ~ 18 weeks after pregnancy, it must be laid up for a long time, the operation is to suture cervix, and stimulation of cervical dilatation is susceptible to infection, plus the tolerance of the suture is not good, so it’s difficult to protect the baby if contraction occurs. And its clinical success rate is less than 20%.

What are the Pathogeneses of Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion (RSA) / Miscarriages?

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RSA 病因

Dr. Fenglin Chen indicates that the common pathogeneses of recurrent spontaneous abortion (RSA) / miscarriages are as follows, etiological treatment can save the fetus, intervention treatment can be performed before pregnancy to prevent miscarriage!

First, abnormal embryo Chromosome abnormality of embryo.

Second, abnormal maternal.

(I) Immune factors: recurrent spontaneous abortion (RSA) / miscarriages caused by positive anti-embryo antibody or maternal blood type mismatch.
(II) Endocrine factors: e.g., recurrent spontaneous abortion (RSA) / miscarriages caused by inadequate luteal function, hypothyroidism, etc.
(III) Morphological of reproductive system: uterine malformation as unicornuate uterus, bicornuate uterus, uterus didelphys, uterine septum, etc.
(IV) Traumatic stimuli factors: uterine adhesion, uterine trauma surgery, excessive sexual intercourse, external force impact, etc.
(V) Maternal infectious diseases: such as influenza virus, acute choamydiae infection, hypertension, kidney disease, heart disease, etc.

Third,unhealthy living habits and environmental factors, such as too much exposure of drug use, alcoholism, formaldehyde, lead and other harmful substances can lead to recurrent spontaneous abortion (RSA) / miscarriages.

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