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Beijing Antai Hospital
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miscarriage/ infertility/ waterbirth/ protect uterus
Our innovative medical technology changes the future of human medical model

Beijing Antai Hospital
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About Beijing Antai Hospital

Antai Hospital is a high-tech maternity hospital that was established in 2003, it has completely organized in accordance with WHO.
There are 8 international and domestic patented technologies and 67 proprietary technologies. The technology is leading the world in the field of diagnosis and treatment of infertility, minimally invasive gynecology, and waterbirth. We are equipped with advanced equipment such as 3D electric uterine laparoscope, fallopian endoscope, autogenous blood recovery machine, dynamic digital hysterosalpinx iodography, electrochemical immunoanalyzer and so on, we are not only promote the warm company, painless, and one-stop hospital service, but also respect the humanized examination and treatment concept of patients.

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The story of Antai
Science, integrity, innovative and sharing

‘Antai’ is the homophonic of prevent miscarriage, it is the interpretation of Antai’s unique international patent of miscarriage. ‘AT’ as our logo has the meaning of prevent miscarriage and breed.
Beijing Antai Hospital is the birthplace of humanistic obstetrics and gynecology, we adopt ‘hospital commitment system and patient participation system’. The point of commitment system is the advanced Antai culture, which promises to integrate antai's concept of materialized humanity and exquisite Antai technology.

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Relevant reports and patent technology of the diagnosis and treatment of miscarriage

Beijing Antai Hospital has obtained 7 international patents for the diagnosis and treatment of miscarriage. The patent No. of China are 200480029919.8;201210108747.x; 201210108746.5; the patent No. of the U.S are 7902162;7674590; the patent No. of 27 countries of the European Union are 1722225;1719516. We have not only rewarded the Second prize of Beijing Science and Technology Progress, but also the first prize of Beijing Health Bureau Science and Technology.

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