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International Advanced

Antai Hospital focuses on the study of RSA, which is the diagnosis of RSA and detection methods of treatment, and its drugs and treatment methods. He has obtained the invention patent of China, the European Union (1722225 ; 1719516) and the United States (7902162 ; 7674590) respectively, and is in the international forefront!

Contract Treatment

Antai Hospital initiated the medical commitment system ( Cure or full refund with contract treatment), let patients, doctors and hospitals in a transparent, equal and fair platform.

Innovative Technologies

Antai Hospital is in line with the principle of scientific innovation, has always placed theoretical, technological and service innovation in the important position of hospital’s development, he also has a series of scientific research and innovative techniques.

One-stop Service

Antai Hospital promotes one-stop service and respects the concept of humanistic examination and treatment for patients. That is one inspection completes all examine; one endoscope is used to treat a variety of diseases, execute contract treatment and be responsible for the consequences!


Antai Hospital has cured tens of thousands of patients with RSA, and infertility over the years, he has helped thousands of women retaining their uterus every year, received thousands of silk banners and letters of appreciation, countless weibo and wechat commendatory letters, has been reported by 67 mainstream medias, such as CCTV1, 2, 10, BTV, Tianjin Satellite TV, People’s Daily, Health Newspaper, Sohu, Tencent, Sina and so on.


The hospital can receive international medical insurance reimbursement, it will not refuse patients’?treatment because of the cost problem, if the circumstances are special, the patient can apply for a preferential treatment fee.

Our Service List

  • Infertility

    There are more than 150 causes of infertility, Fenglin Chen indicates that etiological treatment is more effective to cure infertility. Medical ethics and technology affect the results, etiological treatment is more effective!

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