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【video】Understanding Premature Ovarian Failure:Causes,Symptoms,Treatment,and Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Premature Ovarian Failure(POF)is a gynecological disorder that refers to the loss of ovarian follicles before the age of 38,which leads to the inability to form mature eggs,anovulation,and menstrual cessation.POF can be divided into primary and secondary amenorrhea,characterized by high follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone but low estrogen,progesterone,and testosterone levels,also known as hypergonadotropic hypogonadism.Due to the unknown etiology,treatment methods are not entirely effective.


Currently,ovarian transplantation and hormone replacement therapy(HRT)are the main methods used to treat POF.Ovarian transplantation involves transplanting a normal person’s ovary into the patient’s body after matching,to restore the patient’s normal ovulation and fertility.However,due to difficulties in matching,the success rate is low.Another method is hormone replacement therapy,which stimulates uterine development and expands the uterine cavity through the use of hormones,which is then achieved through in vitro fertilization(IVF)to achieve pregnancy.

Although these treatments can solve fertility problems,they cannot guarantee a complete cure for the ovaries.Even if a successful pregnancy occurs,the transplanted ovary may still experience premature failure.Therefore,patients need to continue HRT to maintain hormonal balance.HRT requires the use of hormone drugs that are matched according to the patient’s endocrine levels and ratios,which is a super simulation of the natural menstrual cycle.It should be noted that HRT is not taking hormones randomly,and the dosage and type of medication vary daily,requiring lifelong medication.

POF is a severe gynecological disorder and the most difficult to treat infertility.Although current treatment methods can help patients achieve fertility,lifelong hormone replacement therapy is necessary.If left untreated,POF patients will accelerate aging,so patients should seek professional medical treatment and advice promptly.

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