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Tubal Uplift and Infertility

Infertility has been a challenging issue for many couples. Among the causes of infertility, tubal elevation is a common diagnosis, but it is actually an erroneous judgment.

Tubal elevation refers to the height of the fallopian tubes surpassing that of the uterus. However, this does not indicate a problem with the fallopian tubes. On the contrary, it demonstrates good tubal activity and the absence of adhesions.

During iodine oil imaging, once the oil enters the fallopian tubes, due to the weight of the tubes, it naturally moves upward towards the uterus. In this situation, the fallopian tubes are actually normal, indicating that pelvic adhesions are mild or nonexistent.

Therefore, excessive treatments such as laparoscopic surgery or IVF should not be performed solely based on tubal elevation, as they may be unnecessary or misguided. We must explore other possible causes, such as uterine morphology, ovulation endocrine function, male semen quality, and endometriosis.

To avoid such misdiagnosis, Beijing Antai Hospital employs dynamic digital uterine tubal iodine oil imaging technology. This technology utilizes dynamic iodine oil and videos, adjusting according to the patient’s positions to observe tubal activity. When the tubes are elevated, adjusting the bed position causes the tubes to naturally descend, indicating good tubal activity. Additionally, the diffusion of the iodine oil becomes more visible, avoiding issues of misdiagnosis and misguided treatments.

Through accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plans, we can help infertile couples find the true causes of their infertility and provide them with the most suitable treatment methods. If you are experiencing infertility issues, it is advisable to consult a professional doctor and choose reliable diagnostic and treatment technologies, such as the dynamic digital uterine tubal iodine oil imaging technology at Beijing Antai Hospital.

Tubal elevation does not represent the root cause of infertility, and we must consider other possible factors. With advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies and the guidance of skilled doctors, infertile couples can find solutions that are suitable for them and fulfill their desires for parenthood.

Tubal Uplift and Infertility




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