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Infertility and Tubal Diverticulum – Understanding the Causes and Treatment Options

Infertility is often associated with various factors, and one of the potential causes is tubal diverticulum. Tubal diverticulum can be a congenital malformation or a weakened segment resulting from previous ectopic pregnancy surgeries. Its anatomical feature is the enlargement of a specific part of the fallopian tube, where the tissue becomes loose or forms a thin-walled sac, leading to difficulties in the passage of eggs. If fertilization occurs, it may develop into an ectopic pregnancy. Furthermore, tubal diverticulum can also slow down the passage of eggs into the uterine cavity, causing the endometrium to exceed the implantation window, resulting in infertility.



Diagnosing tubal diverticulum is not always straightforward, as some cases are congenital, which increases the possibility of misdiagnosis. When misdiagnosed as unexplained infertility, some suggest undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) techniques. However, IVF is not only expensive but also carries the risk of unnecessary physical and financial burdens due to its relatively low success rate. Therefore, in cases of unexplained infertility, it is essential to seek experienced doctors and hospitals for accurate diagnosis.

Dynamic digital hysterosalpingography, a commonly used diagnostic method, can help identify tubal diverticulum. Through this examination, we can observe the sudden thickening of the fallopian tube and the accumulation of contrast medium after its administration. However, the definitive diagnosis still requires further examination with laparoscopy, which provides a 100% accurate confirmation.

Treatment for tubal diverticulum or recurrent ectopic pregnancy is relatively straightforward. It involves excising the diverticulum and suturing the area, using delicate sutures for optimal repair. Additionally, a tubal stent is placed inside the fallopian tube to prevent adhesion and blockage. It is important to note that the fallopian tube has a very narrow diameter, with certain areas measuring only around one millimeter. Without precise instruments and advanced surgical skills, repair procedures can be challenging.

Beijing Antai Hospital is equipped with advanced tubal stents and 3D laparoscopic devices, which allows us to confidently offer signed treatment contracts to ensure treatment effectiveness. Antai Hospital is renowned for its commitment-based medical services, which has become our hallmark.

The outcome of infertility is straightforward, as pregnancy or lack thereof does not require third-party verification. The success or failure can be determined by the individuals themselves. Therefore, we provide the option for signed treatment contracts, and if the expected goals are not achieved, we offer full refunds.

When facing infertility issues, understanding the potential causes and selecting appropriate treatment options is crucial. For infertility caused by tubal diverticulum, accurate diagnosis and high-level surgical repair provide patients with hope and a chance for success.

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