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Ovarian Infertility – Scientific Rescue of Ovarian Adhesions

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Ovarian adhesion is a common problem that leads to ovarian infertility. It refers to the tissue surrounding the ovaries sticking together, obstructing the release of eggs from the ovaries and their reception by the fallopian tubes, making it difficult to get pregnant. The exact diagnosis of ovarian adhesions can be difficult as there are no typical symptoms. However, doctors can make a more accurate diagnosis of ovarian adhesions through methods such as uterine fallopian tube iodine contrast imaging.


Nowadays, laparoscopy has become the preferred method for treating ovarian adhesions. During laparoscopic examination, doctors can simultaneously release the adhesions and place a biological anti-adhesion membrane to prevent new adhesions from forming. The use of 3D laparoscopy technology can more effectively treat ovarian adhesions and pelvic adhesions, reducing the chances of postoperative adhesion formation, thereby improving the chances of pregnancy after surgery.

When treating adhesive diseases, the use of biological anti-adhesion membrane is crucial to prevent postoperative adhesion aggravation and frozen pelvis formation. If adhesions are severe, it can even affect the success rate of in vitro fertilization. Therefore, the use of 3D laparoscopy and biological anti-adhesion membrane is currently the best choice for treating ovarian adhesions. This method is safe, effective, and can improve the chances of pregnancy, helping women who dream of becoming mothers to realize their dreams.

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