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【video】Prevention and Treatment of Late-term Miscarriage

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Late-term miscarriage is a common gynecological disease that can have a significant impact on the physical and mental health of pregnant women. Therefore, preventing late-term miscarriage is particularly important. Here we provide some effective methods for preventing and treating late-term miscarriage.


Regular prenatal checkups are important. Cervical insufficiency is one of the main causes of late-term miscarriage. Therefore, after 16 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women should have regular prenatal checkups and record the length and width of the cervical canal. This will help monitor cervical changes and detect signs of cervical insufficiency and late-term miscarriage in a timely manner.

Strengthen cervical monitoring. Pregnant women with a history of late-term miscarriage need to strengthen cervical monitoring because they are more likely to experience it again. Regular ultrasound examinations can help assess the cervical length and width of the cervical canal. If cervical relaxation or cervical insufficiency is found, preventive measures such as cervical cerclage or the use of a pessary can be taken to reduce the risk of late-term recurrent miscarriage.

Take necessary measures. For pregnant women whose cervical canal has already opened, emergency cervical cerclage is an effective method. However, for cases where the cervical canal is completely open, the success rate of salvaging the pregnancy with cervical cerclage is lower. Therefore, for high-risk individuals, signing up for treatment before or early in pregnancy is recommended. Beijing Antai Hospital uses 3D laparoscopic technology to perform cervical cerclage surgery for late-term recurrent miscarriage, with guaranteed results.

In summary, preventing late-term miscarriage requires timely detection of signs of cervical insufficiency and late-term miscarriage, and taking necessary measures. Regular prenatal checkups and ultrasound examinations are important methods for preventing late-term miscarriage and are also basic measures to ensure the health of mother and baby.

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