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[video]Global Payment System: Antai’s Commitment-based Healthcare Model

The Global Payment System, also known as the Commitment-based Healthcare Model, is an innovative healthcare system that ensures medical quality while preventing flaws and loopholes in medical insurance, such as excessive testing and treatment.


The Commitment-based Healthcare Model involves hospitals signing a contract agreement with patients that outlines the agreed-upon treatment price. The price will not increase due to changes in the patient’s condition or treatment procedure. If a hospital fails to fulfill the agreement, such as a promise not to have another miscarriage after a first pregnancy, the patient is entitled to a full refund.

The biggest advantage of the Commitment-based Healthcare Model is that it effectively prevents flaws in medical practice such as excessive testing and treatment, which some doctors use to increase their fees. Because the agreed-upon price in the contract cannot be changed, doctors cannot charge patients additional fees or refuse to refund them if they provide fewer services. This forces doctors to find the perfect balance point during diagnosis and treatment, avoiding excessive fees or treatment while ensuring that they provide adequate treatment. This system maximizes patient safety and prevents them from losing money while also protecting the doctor’s labor and interests.

Beijing Antai Hospital is an excellent example of a successful Commitment-based Healthcare Model. Its treatment quality commitment guarantees a full refund if the treatment goal is not achieved, which maximizes patient rights and medical quality. This is the only direction for future medical systems, as only systems like the Commitment-based Healthcare Model can ensure patient benefits and fair labor treatment for doctors, leading to real innovation and progress in the medical industry.

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