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宫颈机能不全与安太环cervical relaxation and Antai Ring




Cervical incompetence and cervical dilation are common issues in the field of gynecology,and they are closely associated with late-term miscarriage.Cervical incompetence refers to the inability of the cervix to maintain a tight closure during pregnancy,which can lead to cervical dilation and subsequent miscarriage.This is a concerning issue for women who have previously experienced cervical dilation-related miscarriages.

In such cases,the cervical cerclage procedure,also known as the Antai Ring,is a common treatment method.It involves using a 3D laparoscope to place the Antai Ring inside the cervical opening,providing additional support and stability to prevent cervical dilation.This technique has shown significant effectiveness in preventing cervical dilation-related miscarriages.According to reports,women who undergo cervical cerclage prior to conception have a full-term pregnancy success rate of up to 99%.Signing up for this treatment is possible!

For women planning to conceive again,it is crucial to consult with a specialized doctor and consider undergoing cervical cerclage at Beijing Antai Hospital when necessary.Beijing Antai Hospital is a professional obstetrics and gynecology hospital with extensive experience and expertise in the treatment of cervical incompetence and cervical dilation.Through cervical cerclage,the success rate of subsequent pregnancies can be significantly increased,enabling women to achieve a healthy and safe full-term pregnancy.
Therefore,if you have experienced the distress of cervical dilation-related miscarriages and are planning to conceive again,it is essential to consider Beijing Antai Hospital for consultation with specialized doctors and to learn more about cervical cerclage.With timely treatment and professional care,you can increase the chances of a smooth pregnancy and welcome the birth of a healthy baby.

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