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Successful Experience of Preserving Uterus by Mongolian Woman

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I am Bai Jieli from Mongolia. After an examination at a local hospital, I was diagnosed with multiple uterine fibroids. The local hospital recommended a hysterectomy, but I didn’t want to take such an extreme measure. Fortunately, a local Mongolian doctor recommended me to Beijing An Tai Hospital, which offers uterus-preserving surgery. This made me feel relieved. I obtained the contact information of Director Chen and learned that I could go directly to An Tai Hospital without much preparation.uterine fibroids,uterus-preserving surgery,minimally invasive surgery,Chen Fenglin



At An Tai Hospital, I underwent a comprehensive examination and minimally invasive surgery, during which over 30 uterine fibroids were removed. The surgery lasted nearly eight hours, but it was very successful, and my uterus was completely preserved. This was a major victory for me, and I am very happy. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Director Chen, Director Yang, and Doctor Liu for their professional skills and warm service.

I would like to thank Director Chen, Director Yang, and Doctor Liu again for their help and support that gave me a new lease on life. I wish them all the best in their future work and a happy and healthy life.

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