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Beijing Antai Hospital provides commitment-based medical services

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Promised medical treatment is a contracted treatment,
Full refund if the goal is not achieved.
Which diseases can be contracted?
Not all diseases can be contracted for treatment,
Only diseases with a clear treatment outcome agreed upon by both parties without dispute can be contracted without third-party assessment.


The main diseases treated at Beijing Antai Hospital are recurrent miscarriage.
Full refund if miscarriage occurs again after our treatment.
The second type of disease is infertility.
The outcome of infertility is clear,
A positive urine pregnancy test indicates treatment success.
The third type of disease is severe pregnancy vomiting.
We can guarantee a smooth pregnancy
Without having to terminate the pregnancy due to unbearable morning sickness.
The fourth type of disease is HPV infection treated with Antai liquid.
Turning negative after six months is a success,
Refund if still positive.
The fifth type is minimally invasive uterine surgery
Uterine fibroids and adenomyosis are treated with surgery to preserve the uterus.
Full refund if converted to open surgery or removal of the uterus.
The sixth type is cervical incompetence patients
A full refund if miscarriage occurs after cervical cerclage in the pre-pregnancy or early pregnancy period.
So not all diseases can be promised to be contracted for treatment.
Many people have a superficial understanding of promised medical treatment,
They just think that Antai is a hospital that promises treatment,
So they are willing to choose Antai for some other diseases,
Even if they haven’t signed a contract,they feel secure.

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