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Breaking the Infertility Barrier:Dr.Antai Yang Shuhua’s Innovative Method for Natural Conception

Introduction:As a physician,I have a deep understanding of the close relationship between tubal obstruction and infertility.In this article,I will share knowledge about tubal obstruction and introduce two main treatment methods.Additionally,I will focus on important factors in the diagnostic process and discuss an innovative clearing method.


 Tubal Obstruction and Infertility:Key Factors in Diagnosis and Treatment

Tubal obstruction is one of the most common causes of female infertility.Research has shown that the majority of tubal obstructions are caused by induced abortions.During the process of induced abortion,tubal blockage can occur,thereby affecting the chances of conception.This phenomenon is prevalent and commonly observed in clinical practice.

When treating infertility,doctors usually employ two main methods.One is to achieve natural conception through clearing the fallopian tubes,and the other is to opt for assisted reproductive technologies such as in vitro fertilization(IVF).In this article,I will focus on the issue of tubal obstruction and discuss the pros and cons of these two treatment methods.

 The Importance of Determining the Location of Obstruction:Guiding Diagnosis and Treatment Strategies

Accurately determining the location of tubal obstruction is crucial as it can occur on one or both sides and in various positions,such as the isthmus,ampulla,or fimbria.It is vital to establish the location of the obstruction and whether it is unilateral or bilateral for diagnosis and treatment planning.

Without precise determination of these diagnostic conditions,blindly choosing IVF treatment may not yield the expected results and can waste patients’time and money.Therefore,the main diagnostic method is tubal iodine oil imaging,which allows visualization of the location and unilateral or bilateral nature of the blockage.In comparison,other examination methods such as the liquid passing test cannot provide definitive diagnostic results,making it insufficient to determine whether the blockage is unilateral or bilateral.

Although hysteroscopy can differentiate whether one side of the fallopian tube is unobstructed,it cannot determine the specific site of patency.Thus,iodine oil imaging is considered the gold standard for diagnosing tubal infertility.Dynamic digital uterine-tubal iodine oil imaging is a commonly used method that provides more accurate diagnostic results.

In terms of treatment,our approach as physicians emphasizes clearing the fallopian tubes to achieve natural conception whenever possible.However,in certain situations where bilateral tubal clearance is not successful,recurrent ectopic pregnancies occur,or there is a lack of fallopian tubes,assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF may be necessary.Nevertheless,we do not recommend blindly pursuing IVF treatment due to its high cost,low success rate,and potential for a series of arduous procedures for the patients.

Introducing the Innovative Yang’s Fallopian Tube Clearing Method:Enhancing Treatment Success Rate

Considering the challenges and uncertainties faced by many individuals undergoing IVF treatment,I am delighted to introduce an innovative clearing method,namely Yang’s Fallopian Tube Clearing Method.This method utilizes two mirrors,Cook guidewires,and a tubal stent,which has been proven in clinical practice to successfully clear the fallopian tubes of over 90%of patients,thereby achieving the goal of natural conception.This treatment method is conducted through a signed contract,and if the expected results are not achieved,we offer a full refund,providing patients with greater assurance and confidence.

In conclusion,as a physician,I have gained in-depth knowledge of the relationship between tubal obstruction and infertility,and I recognize the crucial factors in the diagnostic and treatment processes.By accurately determining the location of the blockage,selecting appropriate treatment methods,and introducing innovative clearing methods,we can better assist patients in realizing their desire for conception.

Overall,as a doctor,I have delved into the relationship between tubal obstruction and infertility and acknowledged the importance of factors in the diagnosis and treatment process.By accurately identifying the site of obstruction,choosing suitable treatment methods,and introducing the innovative Yang’s Fallopian Tube Clearing Method,we can enhance our ability to help patients achieve their fertility goals.

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