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Breaking Through Infertility Barriers: A New Treatment Approach for Tubal Adhesion

For many couples, having a healthy baby is the greatest joy in their lives. However, some couples struggle with infertility, and tubal adhesion is a common underlying cause.

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Tubal adhesion can be classified into two types. The first type is external adhesion, which can be caused by pelvic inflammation, tuberculosis, endometriosis, and postoperative complications. The second type is internal adhesion, where the tubal lumen becomes partially or completely blocked. Both types of adhesion can result in infertility.

Dynamic digital hysterosalpingography with iodine oil contrast is the most commonly used diagnostic method for tubal adhesion. Currently, this technology is exclusively available at Beijing Antai Hospital. By using a small robotic device to gradually inject iodine oil, we can obtain clear visualizations of the condition of the fallopian tubes, including any obstructions and their severity. Once a diagnosis is confirmed, appropriate treatment plans can be formulated.

For cases of simple tubal lumen adhesion, 3D laparoscopy is commonly employed. Guided by hysteroscopy, a guide wire is used to clear the blockage. However, mere clearance is not sufficient. If the treatment stops at this stage, adhesions are likely to reoccur, and they may even become more severe. Therefore, in addition to clearance, the placement of a supportive stent is necessary. These stents are typically bioresorbable and will be naturally absorbed within 7 to 14 days. The placement of stents promotes the healing of surrounding tissues, allowing the fallopian tubes to regain patency and function.

For cases of external adhesion, we rely on 3D laparoscopy and ultrasonic knife to separate the adhesions and restore their anatomical structure. Additionally, we employ bioresorbable barrier membranes to wrap the separated surfaces, similar to using plastic wrap to prevent dough from sticking. These bioresorbable barrier membranes will be naturally absorbed within approximately one month after surgery, eliminating the need for further removal procedures.

Beijing Antai Hospital offers a dedicated treatment program for tubal adhesion-related infertility. Our institution boasts a professional medical team with extensive experience in resolving tubal adhesion and helping patients achieve their dreams of having children.

Our treatment approach extends beyond surgery and emphasizes comprehensive postoperative management. Our doctors and nursing team establish long-term relationships with patients, providing guidance and support throughout the entire process. This includes postoperative recovery guidance, nutritional counseling, and psychological support. We believe that comprehensive care and treatment are crucial in helping patients overcome infertility challenges.

At Beijing Antai Hospital, we prioritize technological innovation and the introduction of advanced equipment. We continuously update our devices and incorporate state-of-the-art technologies to provide the highest quality medical services. The application of our small robotic device in dynamic digital hysterosalpingography is a prime example. Its automated injection function and precise control make the examination process more comfortable and accurate, avoiding the discomfort associated with traditional swallowing of contrast agents.

For patients with tubal adhesion-related infertility, early diagnosis and treatment are crucial. We encourage patients who suspect they may have tubal issues to undergo dynamic digital hysterosalpingography at the earliest opportunity. Through early detection and precise diagnosis, we can develop individualized treatment plans, provide timely intervention and treatment, and maximize the chances of successful fertility outcomes for our patients.

Infertility is no longer an insurmountable barrier. At Beijing Antai Hospital, we are committed to helping every infertility patient achieve their dreams. Through advanced technology, a professional medical team, and comprehensive care, we believe that every family has the potential to have their own baby. If you are facing infertility challenges, please contact us early on and let us embark on the journey to success together.



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