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Tubal Adiposal Descent and Infertility: Innovative Solution from Beijing Antai Hospital


The discussion regarding tubal adiposal descent and infertility has gained significant attention recently. In some cases, when the fallopian tubes are exposed during laparoscopy, they appear to be patent and the uterine cavity is normal, with no signs of endometriosis or ovulation disorders. Everything seems fine, so why is pregnancy not occurring? It has been observed that these individuals have developed adiposal descent on the top of their fallopian tubes and are usually overweight. But why does adiposal descent lead to infertility?

The Role of Fallopian Tubes:

The fallopian tubes play a crucial role in egg retrieval. However, when the tubes are influenced by adiposal descent, they become heavier and their range of motion and speed decreases. Consequently, they are unable to efficiently and promptly retrieve the eggs for conception, making it difficult or even impossible to achieve pregnancy.

Treatment Approach:

Fortunately, the treatment for this issue is relatively simple. Beijing Antai Hospital has developed an innovative solution called the 3D laparoscopic adiposal aspiration of the fallopian tubes. This technique allows the removal of adiposal descent without causing damage or wounds. It does not affect the healing and mobility of the fallopian tubes, nor does it lead to the formation of new adhesions or secondary complications.

Significance of Beijing Antai Hospital:

Beijing Antai Hospital’s groundbreaking 3D laparoscopic adiposal aspiration offers a safe and effective solution for tubal adiposal descent-related infertility. By eliminating the need for conventional surgeries, which often result in scarring and adhesions, they have prevented the transformation of a simple adiposal descent-related infertility issue into absolute infertility.

Beijing Antai Hospital’s Approach:

Beijing Antai Hospital adopts a personalized treatment approach for tubal factor infertility. Under their treatment agreement, if pregnancy does not occur within two years after the surgery, patients are entitled to a full refund. This commitment not only reflects their confidence in the treatment’s effectiveness but also provides patients with reassurance and security.

Avoiding Unnecessary Treatments:

It is important to note that tubal factor infertility should not be treated solely with in vitro fertilization (IVF), as it can be both financially and physically burdensome. IVF should not be pursued excessively or without appropriate consideration. Instead, Beijing Antai Hospital’s innovative technique focuses on addressing the underlying cause of infertility, avoiding unnecessary surgeries and treatments.


In conclusion, tubal adiposal descent can be a contributing factor to infertility. However, Beijing Antai Hospital’s innovative 3D laparoscopic adiposal aspiration technique provides an effective solution. With their personalized treatment approach and emphasis on avoiding excessive treatments, the hospital aims to provide comprehensive care. If you are facing similar challenges, consider choosing Beijing Antai Hospital to regain hope in your journey towards parenthood.

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