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Adenomyosis:A Disease Affecting Women’s Health and Reproductive Function

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Adenomyosis is a common disease that poses risks to women’s health and affects their reproductive function.

Adenomyosis and Infertility



Adenomyosis is a prevalent disease that significantly impacts women’s health and reproductive function.Its pathogenesis involves the abnormal growth of endometrial cells into the muscular wall of the uterus,forming lesions.The main clinical features include dysmenorrhea(painful periods)and excessive menstrual bleeding.Adenomyosis is also associated with infertility,recurrent miscarriage,ectopic pregnancy,and biochemical pregnancy.

Among these symptoms,dysmenorrhea is a typical manifestation of adenomyosis.Initially,there may be no pain,but over time,pain gradually appears and intensifies.Increased pain often accompanies infertility or spontaneous abortion,which should raise suspicion of adenomyosis.

The diagnosis of adenomyosis primarily relies on B-ultrasound examination,particularly the panoramic four-dimensional color ultrasound available at Beijing Antai Hospital,which boasts a high diagnostic accuracy.It can assess the size,location,and severity of adenomyosis lesions and detect any degeneration.

However,while diagnosing adenomyosis may be relatively straightforward,its treatment can be challenging.Many hospitals use GnRH agonists to treat the condition.These medications act on the hypothalamus or pituitary gland,inducing physiological axis suppression and menstrual cessation.Commonly used drugs include Danazol,Dienogest,and Leuprorelin.However,these drugs only provide temporary relief and may cause significant menopausal symptoms.Moreover,as contraceptive drugs,they further complicate matters for infertility patients.

Another treatment option is total hysterectomy,but it is not favorable for infertility patients.After uterine removal,menstruation ceases,and pregnancy becomes impossible.Patients desiring children can only pursue options such as in vitro fertilization or surrogacy.

In comparison,U-shaped resection is a better treatment method.It involves removing some lesions on the uterine wall to treat adenomyosis.This approach is effective for mild lesions,but it has two drawbacks.Firstly,incomplete resection may lead to recurrence.Secondly,the alteration of uterine shape after surgery,no longer resembling a pear shape,carries the risk of intrauterine adhesions and pelvic adhesions.

On the other hand,Beijing Antai Hospital offers an outstanding treatment technique using an apoptotic agent for ectopic cells.Under the guidance of laparoscopy and ultrasound,the apoptotic agent is injected near or onto the adenomyosis lesions.After a hospital stay of approximately seven days,the uterus can return to normal within a month.This advanced technique induces apoptosis and absorption of adenomyosis cells and uterine muscle cells without affecting the normal function of the endometrium.This treatment method does not lead to intrauterine adhesions,reduced menstrual flow,or amenorrhea.

Beijing Antai Hospital implements a signed treatment contract,ensuring patient satisfaction and preventing overtreatment.If adenomyosis lesions persist or symptoms such as dysmenorrhea or infertility persist upon reevaluation,a full refund can be requested.Objective indicators,such as the absence of lesions on B-ultrasound,serve as evidence of successful treatment.This contract treatment approach prevents a decline in patients’quality of life and protects their interests.

In conclusion,adenomyosis is a common disease that harms women’s health and affects their reproductive function.Comprehensive treatment at an early stage is crucial.When choosing a treatment method,it is essential to consider the condition,individual differences,and treatment efficacy.Beijing Antai Hospital’s treatment technique using an apoptotic agent offers an advanced and effective option,effectively alleviating symptoms and restoring normal uter al function through precise injection and monitoring.

However,prevention is key.Maintaining good lifestyle habits and dietary practices,avoiding excessive physical exertion and mental stress,can help reduce the risk of adenomyosis.Regular gynecological and B-ultrasound examinations,along with timely detection and management of issues,are important measures for preventing and controlling adenomyosis.

Lastly,we remind women to seek medical attention promptly if they experience symptoms suggestive of adenomyosis,such as dysmenorrhea or excessive menstrual bleeding.Choosing a specialized and reputable hospital for diagnosis and treatment ensures access to scientifically accurate medical services.

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