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Advices for pregnant women who have exceeded their expected date of delivery: the due date is not equal to the maturity of the fetal. We always believe the principle of letting it go,as a Chinese saying goes that the melon will fall down itself when it is ripe, like the canal will turn up when the water is coming. We should choose not to employ human intervention as your children choose to stay in your uterine for a few more days for they are immature. That is the law of nature. It is also the only one God-given treatment for your children in thire lives.It is not good for you and your children if you insist on going against the laws of nature to deprive the God given rights for children.The consequences will be serious. Premature children are weak and difficult to support. When they growing up,their IQ,EQ and their resilience to setbacks will be really low. They are prone to multiple depressive depression, lazy in their old age and also prone to Alzheimer’s disease. We should fear God. We should respect the laws of nature to wait for the natural childbirth, and resist human violent intervention. So that is the delivery beliefs of Antai Maternity Hospital.

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